Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Practical Ways to Living Your Truth

Practical Ways To Living Your Truth

Anytime you are in service to another you are living your truth. The soul’s purpose is always to help, assist or guide others. You are one part of the greater whole. Our interconnection to everyone and every thing is becoming more apparent. There is now scientific evidence that points to the truth “We Are All One”. As synchronistic events happen “to you”, you are a part of synchronistic events for others. There will be times that you will be in just the right place, at just the right time to say just the right thing to someone. That action, word or deed will be in service to another because it may profoundly resonate with their soul and shift their perspective.

Being in service to another can be as simple of giving someone your full attention as they speak or holding the door for another as they enter the room behind you. The service itself is not as important as the intention and the energy behind the action. When we serve another, we acknowledge their being. Every person wants to be seen and heard. Our acts of service are a way of saying “I see you”. That validation builds confidence and esteem in others while it connects you more closely to life.

Full acceptance of the present moment is the way to truth. The present moment is the truth because it is what it is. When we accept things as they are we are allowing for life to flow. Resistance of any kind leads to suffering and prevents the flow of life to work as the agent of change in our lives. The truth is that we can have the life we have always dreamed. The first step to that life is fully accepting the one you have now. If you are resisting your current circumstance, you will be preventing yourself from changing what is no longer serving you. Try non-resistance as a different way of looking at something. When we change the way we see things, the things we see change.

Living within your means is a statement of truth. Our culture is obsessed with consuming and buying more than what we really need. This vicious cycle of over spending and over consuming is a result of an ego identified with form. The ego is never satisfied. It will always be threatened by what others have and it will justify a purchase to ensure it feels adequate and its identity stays intact. The burden of living beyond your means is not only on your finances. This burden taxes your energy and your energetic system. It takes a lot of energy to maintain a falsehood. The pretense that you can afford things that you cannot diminishes your light. It is a projection of an illusion your ego is desperate to maintain and the result is your living an inauthentic life.

Pay close attention to your life. As Paulo Coelho put it: “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. I promise you that if you pay close attention, you will notice that Life is always speaking to you. Look for the synchronicities that unfold in your life. Expect that each person you encounter have a message for you. Life is always guiding us to our higher truths. Listen for it in breeze around you. Remember that nothing happens by coincidence. A great way to pay attention to life is by non-judgmental observation. Spend some time simply observing the world around you without labeling it or judging it. Take a walk in nature and remove the mind chatter labeling the “tree” or “flower”; simply observe and listen.

Follow your intuition. Your intuition is the message system between your body and your soul. Your hunches and feelings can be great pointers to your truth. When the mind is too caught up in the illusions of the world, the body knows the truth. Feelings you have when you are making a decision or meeting someone for the first time should not be dismissed. Honor these insights as your connection with something greater than yourself and investigate these feelings with an open heart.

The truth of who you are is not found in any possession, job title or place. Identification with form of any kind keeps you in the illusion that you are your body. Deriving a sense of self from possessions leads to suffering because all forms will come to an end. Remember to be in the world but not of it. The truth is that we are more than our bodies. Science has discovered that all of the cells in our body change not every seven years, as once believed, but every year. The body that you have now is not the same as the one you had a year ago. But the awareness or the observer of life has remained. Now, more than ever, is a great time to put your energies into something that is real and genuine. Your soul is never changing. It is of the formless and the closer you get to your soul, the closer you get to your Truth.


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