Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5 Ways Life Calls Us to Truth

5 Ways Life Calls Us to Truth

We are all in possession of a variety of tools that we can use as a way to guide us to our truth and let us better hear the messages of the Creator. Intuitive insights, synchronistic events, our inner voice, creative ideas and acts of kindness are all made available to us for this purpose.

Intuitive Insights: Intuitive insights are no longer exclusive to psychics. These moments of clarity occur more frequently as we become increasingly present and aware. When we have quieted the mind and have created the space between ego and the self, then the intuitive guidance can be heard. The insights come as a knowing that is not fueled by emotion but steeped in truth. It is a feeling of certainty when you were confused. And when we stop questioning the guidance that comes to us, we are free to make a decision that is in alignment with our soul.

Synchronistic Events: Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to describe two events that are unlikely to occur together actually happening in a meaningful way. How many times have you experienced something occurring to you at just the right time? Or have you run into someone that offered just the right piece of advice? These encounters have very little do to with chance and everything to do with the greater Divine plan. The universe is not a random place but it is well ordered. Nothing happens by coincidence. Pay close attention to these synchronistic events and the significance or message that they carry.

Inner Voice: Although very seldom an actual voice, these inner callings can come as a well placed thought to try something new or take a certain action. I have experienced the inner voice as my own thought but with a different quality. It is often times more clear, and arises seemingly out of nowhere. Not to be mistaken for the mindless chatter that goes on in the mind, the inner voice is clear, calm and always Life affirming. It can be as simple as a making a sudden decision to take a left when you normally go right.

Creative Ideas: The soul is always looking for ways to be creative and expressive. How many times have you had the inkling to write, paint or pursue a creative endeavor but ended up talking yourself out of it? When we are too caught up in the illusion of life – meaning when we are too entrenched in the variety of roles we play (employee, mother, student, athlete), we may not be still enough to listen to these inner callings. The creativity that your soul wants to express may not be artistic. It may be expressed in the way you handle a difficult conversation or how you solve a problem at work. The soul is endlessly inventive and innovative. It wants you to use your gifts and talents in a way that is supportive, connecting and loving.

Acts of Kindness: Whenever you get the feeling to say a kind word or act in a loving way to another, it is your soul that is bringing you closer to your truth. The act can be simple by all external appearances but it may prove to be magnificent and magical in how it heals or comforts another. The truth is that you cannot give to another something that you do not already have. When you “give away” a smile, kind word or any other act of kindness, you are demonstrating to the universe that you possess that very thing. The universe responds by giving you with more of it. It will be returned to you tenfold.

A deeper truth, as I have come to know is this: The very thing that you wish for, if you give to another, comes back to you. If you want more love in your life, be more loving to those around you. The universe cannot help but respond to these statements of self-declaration. Your truth is found in your definition of “I am…”. When you love another, you are stating, “I am love”. We are all creators. We are all containers of Truth. What fills your container? What statements of self-declaration are you making? If you want a life of peace, abundance and love, be peace, abundant and loving. I am peace. I am abundant. I am love.

The God in me salutes the God in you.

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