Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Face of Truth

The Face of Truth

We all lead complex lives that are filled with to-do lists, appointments and all the other routine life stuff that can make the calling to truth difficult to hear, much less to follow. The ego is sophisticated at presenting false concepts and shadow beliefs that can easily be mistaken as truth- if we do not pay close attention. So often we are caught up in the illusions of life that it may take a significant life experience to wake us up to what is real. How then can we navigate ourselves through the chaos of our lives and into our truth?

I believe that we are in the midst of an emerging collective consciousness that is seeking spiritual truth. Like a phoenix rising, the soul is rising up and connecting us to Source in countless ways. As the link between the form and formless strengthens, so too does our ability to see the face of truth and recognize its familiarity. The first step to finding our bliss is to be still. By clearing our minds and observing life without labeling anything we see, think or feel, it creates a space to simply be. And in this space can we truly recognize and hear God. The stillness of this space I speak of is not saved for the cloistered or leaders of meditation. It is an innate ability that is found in all of us.

Finding that stillness can be as simple as breathing. The breath is a great guide to our inner being. Following the breath puts attention on our inner body and the resulting focus is stillness and presence. When we can hold that space of stillness, we will be better equipped to use our life for finding our Truth. In the space of stillness is when we are most receptive to the messages of the Universe.

Next post: 5 Ways to hear the calling of our life and finding guidance to our Truth.

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