Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

The parable "The Little Soul and The Sun" summarizes and illustrates beautifully some of the complex concepts and truths from the Conversations With God trilogy. I think that this parable lends itself to answering a question that so many of us ask during times of distress, emotional pain and sadness. Most people cry out to God or the Universe asking ‘Why would You allow something like this to happen”? The Little Soul and the Sun parable suggests that every soul is in agreement with each other. We have all agreed to experience every event and every exchange with another person in order to be Who We Really Are. (That being individuations of the Whole).

Since Who We Really Are is only love then a soul can only choose experiences that come from Love. We choose to know ourselves as forgiving, compassionate, generous and understanding. It is in our forgetfulness of Who We Are that we can decide that an event brings us pain, fear, insufficiencies or lack of love. Remember, everything is meaningless save the meaning we give it. For example, one individual may be considered fat. Another person may think that same individual is skinny. Which is true? Is the person skinny or fat? The person is what we decide him to be. And it is a decision, a choice.

The same is true for anything that is spoken to us, that ‘happens’ to us or that we experience. We decide if it is good or bad. I am suggesting that every experience is good. How can it not be when our soul has only chosen events from Love? When something happens it will be filtered through our bodies and minds and experienced as waves of emotions. There is opportunity to create a space between the emotions we feel and how we express them outwardly to others. In that gap, we can choose anything. We may choose to remember our perfection by being it. In that moment, we can bless any seemingly awful thing and be thankful for it. Because of that ‘awful’ thing, we can choose to respond in kindness, with compassion and love. In turn, we will ‘be’ kindness, compassion or love. That is who we really are. Let every thought, word and deed reflect that truth.

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