Saturday, May 9, 2009

Following Your Intuition

I have spent my entire life listening and following the guidance and hunches of my intuition. As an introvert, natural observer and intent listener, I became familiar with my intuition at a young age. For years, I believed that following this 6th sense was a way to avoid unpleasant experiences. You know, your walking down a dark street and get the feeling you are being followed, so you take a pit stop at a corner store to let them pass you by. That kind of intuitional hit is important, on a very basic level and it shaped my idea about its purpose for years. Now being 30 and having lived the consequences of following my ‘gut feelings’, I have come to the conclusion that listening to that inner voice does not give way to avoiding painful and difficult experiences. Sometimes it brings you right into the heart of them. The most powerful of life lessons are often found in and after difficult times.

Is our intuitional system designed to lead us to turbulent events to expedite our growth? No – I am suggesting that intuitional hits are guidance’s for us in that particular moment. They are not all seeing, clairvoyant glimpses into the future. They advise us what we should do in that instant, based on who we are choosing to be. Intuition invites us to choose something that our conscious mind did not consider or catch. It is believed that the mind is processing billions of bits of information every second, but we are only aware of about 2000 of them. Our awareness is shaped by what we believe to be true and what we expect to see. Intuition taps into the billions of unprocessed bits of information and brings it to the forefront our attention based on our soul’s contract.

Everyone is getting this assistance in each moment but are too busy or too distracted to hear it. Here is my suggestion: over the next few days, follow that inner voice, regardless of what your rational mind is thinking. Perhaps it is saying to read a particular book or relax at a coffee shop you walk by. Let that be your guide and enjoy the experience you never ‘thought’ to have had but were directed to nonetheless.

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