Sunday, May 10, 2009

[love like no other]

love like no other

if you could only see what i see

you would know that love has always been here

it has travelled the prairies, the country, the earth

it has been a guiding force in times of uncertainty

it has taken shape into something brilliant, beautiful and strong


if you could only hear what i hear

you would know that love sounds just like you

a softness in voice

a tenderness of tone

it has called the both of you home

to fill the space with the sounds of life

the sounds of laughter

the sounds of family


if you could only feel what i feel

you would know that love has the power to restore

a gentle touch can remove resilient pain

and can calm anxious nerves

it is felt in every limb

in every cell

and every space in between


if you could only know what i know

you would understand

that this love is like no other

it has taken hold of two people

of kindred spirits

of unparalled quality

and chooses to express itself

in unending ways


This is Love

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