Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finding Meaning in Life: Call to Service

There is an undeniable pull to live a greater life than the one we are currently living.  People are finding themselves unsatisfied with the path that their life is on. Even with seemingly wealth and many material possessions, the quality of our life is not as we expected. As we learn to dis-identify with form and see the world as the reflection of an ego gone mad, the focus is moving away from material and into the spiritual. The move is a result of our dissatisfaction with finding pleasure in static things (forms) to being fulfilled from ways of being. 

We are human beings, after all and like everything in the universe, we are meant to be in action.  To “be in action” is a significant statement. It implies that we must both be still and observe while putting into action that being-ness. Our fulfillment is found in acting out what is found in the stillness of life. In the stillness is God. It is where our divinity meets the Divine.

People are asking more important questions from life. A common one is: what is my life’s purpose? If you are brave enough to ask this question, be sure that the Universe will respond.  Keep in mind that the answer to the question may have nothing to do with a job. It may have nothing to do with becoming wealthy or famous. It will, however, bring you to greater joy and a higher sense of purpose - one that you are destined for. The purpose of every soul, as I see it, is to be in service to another. The type of service can vary greatly, but ultimately we are all here to support each other. Remember, we are all one. When you support another, you are supporting yourself. We all benefit from the generosity of service. The question is: how will you use your life as a platform to serve others?

Observable Acts of Service – observable acts of service are probably what first comes to mind when we think of service. They are the outward expressions that we do for another. They can be done through our work (social worker, teacher, nurse, waiter). Observable acts of service are also found by the kind gestures we do for another, like preparing a meal for friends, volunteering for a charity or helping a friend move. It is important to pay attention to our intention when engaging in observable acts of service because the ego may want some kind of recognition or praise for the act.

Invisible Acts of Service - A more challenging act of service, with regards to the ego, are the invisible ones because they may be done without acknowledgment or gratitude from the recipient. I would include smiling at a stranger, holding the door for someone or refusing to engage in gossip as invisible but impactful. These actions may go unnoticed by those around you but the Divine takes note of them. They are rich in quality because these acts assert that you hold Life in high regard. They are statements of appreciation for another and reflect your own feelings of self worth. We can only do for another something that we hold in esteem in ourselves. 

Being as Acts of Service – A third type of service is the subtlest. It is displayed by your very being. Acts of being expressed as a service are an expression of your stillness. When we are present, we are better equipped to demonstrate our most authentic self. These acts of service include listening intently while another speaks, sending someone grace or love, being supportive or bringing calming energy into a chaotic room. They are demonstrated when we act in ways that are patient, nurturing, or encouraging to one another. Expressions of being influence our relationships and lives on subtle levels.  They may only be perceived by the soul but the ripple effect stretches far enough to be felt at the physical. Have you ever spent time with someone who had a calming effect on you? Or maybe the subtle encouragement from a grade school teacher stuck with you throughout your adult years?  Their being-ness served your soul and the ripple effect of its influence transcended time by continuing to affect you today.

Acts of service inspire us because our higher self recognizes the truth in the action. It sees that the service to another is really a service to itself. These acts of service support our real purpose in life and that is to support the evolution and consciousness of another. There is no greater purpose in life than serving another by raising our consciousness to be ever closer to the Infinite. In communion with God, we can finally know our own divinity.


  1. Hey Kevin!
    What a kind, uplifting comment you made on my blog. Seems we are tuned into the same frequency and find your posts very inspiring. I like your idea that just being who we are (that is allowing our soul-essence to come through) is an act of service. That's a nice take on the movement to be "in the now" that we are not only helping ourselves but serving others as well. Thanks for letting your light shine; you are making a difference!

  2. Hi Tim,
    Thank you for taking the time to read through the article and for such kind words!

    Your writing seems to come from such an authentic place and it speaks directly to me, I hope others take the time to read your thoughts on Higher Truths.

    Thanks again,

  3. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for sharing your blog!