Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Truth Shall Set You Free

The Truth Shall Set You Free

This famous quote from the Bible resonates with most people, regardless of cultural or religious background. The truth, on one hand, is subjective - depending on your level of consciousness, and it appears to be defined by personal experience. On the other hand, the highest truths are the same for all of us and therefore have an objective quality to them. This inherent dichotomy lends itself to each of us discovering our own path to truth and the greatest pointer to your own truth comes from the feelings you have about something. If this old adage is true, how exactly does the truth set us free?

The truth is something that you know and feel to be right for you. Each of us has our own experience of it. It is a belief or understanding that resonates with your very being. It is found within your stillness, guided by your breath. It is of a quality that does not need to be confirmed or approved by anyone else. Nor does the truth have to be reasonable, logical or provable. It simply must be in alignment with you Higher self. In other words: when what you say or do is reflective of your soul and not your ego, you are in alignment with your truth.

The ego creates ideas that it claims to be true and if we are not present enough, we will say and act in ways that are in accordance with this false idea. Statements like “I must struggle first before I succeed” or “I will be worthy if only I get that job” are examples of shadow beliefs that the ego creates in the mind as a truth. But if these shadow beliefs are investigated a bit further- meaning if you bring presence or consciousness to them, they cannot be sustained by the ego. Shadow beliefs are created by the mind through learned behaviors, past experiences and cultural expectations and they are fueled by fear. Fear and conscious awareness cannot coexist. Often times the very thing that we are most afraid or ashamed of are the things that will lead us to a fuller life. They are opportunities (or little pointers) to where you must begin to learn to accept yourself. Only after we accept ourselves completely can we step more fully come into the greatness and the lightness of who you really are and what we are meant to be. The truth that will set you free is not a concept of the mind but rather an inner knowing of the soul. Your soul knows for certain that who you are right now is more than enough. Right now, you are exactly as you should be to step into who you are meant to be. That is the Truth.

The truth sets us free by dispelling the illusion that the mind has created. The falsehoods that we live each day: whether it manifests as buying things that we cannot afford, doing work that does not fulfill us or maintaining relationships that no longer serve us – these lies contribute to the illusion we project. And that illusion keeps us from truly connecting to others. There is a tremendous amount of energy lost by maintaining a falsehood. That’s why you will never fully step into who you are meant to be by pretending to be someone you are not. A lot of people are caught up pretending to be happier, more successful or financially secure than they really are. How can we truly succeed at creating the life we have always wanted while trying to maintain a false pretense? When you present your inauthentic self first, false relationships develop as a result. Your pretend self is engaged with someone else’s pretend self. This type of relationship drains the life force from you because it is the mind that must keep up the pretense. Our infinite creativity and vitality comes from our connection to Life and cannot be supplied by the mind. Life demands that we use each moment and all our energies to create abundance, beauty and love in the world. Our full attention is needed to create the life we have always wanted. Anything less will keep us trapped in our current conditions and freedom will be a concept never truly experienced.

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  1. first post to my bff's blog (I probably should have posted sooner, but I've been sooooo busy : )

    So how does the truth set you free? Well, this is what first came to mind and seeing that you've been on an Eckhart Tolle kick lately you might like it......

    The truth sets you free because it allows for true acceptance. Accepting a lie (or delusion) doesn't really have any power behind it --- however, fully accepting the truth allows one to see clearly --- as well as live in alignment with what is. This also explains why we spend so much energy avoiding looking at the truth, because deep down we know that if we really looked at it, we would be tempted by its transformational power. Therefore, we could say that to live in truth is to live in acceptance (and vice versa) ---- does that blow your mind or what?? : )