Friday, June 12, 2009

To Forgive Or Not To Forgive?

There are two ideas that affect my relationship to forgiveness. The first is the concept that we, as souls, contracted everything we experience here on Earth. Prior to being born on Earth, we lovingly made sacred contracts with all other souls to experience the myriad of things/events/people in our lives. Taken from the parable The Little Soul and the Sun, even the most tragic and painful of experiences were agreed upon by those involved to allow us to experientially know a particular part of Divinity. For example, as a Little Soul, if we wanted to experience forgiveness to truly understand it, on Earth, we would experience an event that would require us to forgive. This parable teaches us that every thing that we experience is perfect because we have chosen it. It is allowing us to know Who We Really Are. The second concept is tied to the idea that We Are All One. When we understand that our will and God’s Will are one and the same, we begin to realize that every job we take, every person we meet and every other thing we do is exactly what we should be doing because we are doing it. How can we do something that is not part of the big plan for us? How could we make a move that turns out to be wrong or a mistake? We cannot because there is nothing that we can do outside the umbrella of God. God is everywhere and in everything. We cannot choose something or create something that is not a part of the perfect plan- which is tailored made for us.

Nothing gets by God. And every action is God’s Will in action. It is perfect.

When we digest these two ideas about Life’s perfection – 1) everything being agreed upon between souls and 2) our actions/creations are always aligned with our soul’s journey and exactly what God would want for us, why would there be any need for forgiveness?

Forgiveness is intended to move past how others have done us wrong. How can anything be wrong in God’s perfection? The need to forgive someone is truly a selfish act. It is for the person forgiving and not for the one “needing” forgiveness. When we forgive someone, it is our demonstration to the world that we are ready to move on. What we have done essentially is given another meaning to the event. At first it caused us pain, now we are moving past pain and forgiving. Both are choices. And both decisions are our own definitions of right and wrong, in a particular moment. When we learn that there is no one to forgive, we move from a place of victimhood to a place of deeper understanding. Everything is happening perfectly because we have co-created it with Life and everything is an expression of God.

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